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Cà Montioni Camping

Cà Montioni camping is located in the green and peaceful valley of the Sant'Antonio River at 510 m above sea level, adjacent to the agriturismo Cà Montioni. It is only 3 kilometres from the village and can be easily reached by following the surfaced road, Via Guinza.

Your stay at Cà Montioni will be very relaxing thanks to the peace of the green woods that surround the camping and the possibility to have access to all the services offered by the agriturismo Cà Montioni.

One hectare of land, enclosed and illuminated at night, offers comfort and safety for those who stay in the secure camping area.

Cà Montioni camping, providing the comforts and needs of the itinerant tourist in serene harmony with the surrounding environment, guarantees its guests a relaxed, healthy and enjoyable experience.


Caravan + car + 2 adults  
€ 26
Caravan + car + 2 adults + 2 children (2-10 years old)
€ 34
€ 15
Caravan / tent 
€ 10
€ 8
For adults
€ 8
Children 3-10
€ 6
Children < 2
Car (one per site)  
Washing Machine
€ 3,50
Small extra tent
€ 3
Mountain bike (for day)
€ 5

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